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Sat, Aug 1, 2020 9:00 AM

Historical internet usage per device

Hi, how can I see the historical usage of internet bandwidth per device. I need to see more than last 30 days as in last 30 days the usage almost doubled and I did not add any devices. Thank you





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1 y ago

hahahahahahha.  that's a good one.  I almost fell off my couch.


But seriously, I, and many, many others, would kill to see an actual number (as opposed to "high" "very high"...whatever they mean) for one device just on ONE day.  They'll never do it, then they'd have to explain all the discrepancies when people start to add things up (of which some small ones are excusable).  So don't hold your breath and don't waste your breath talking to the minions on the phone as you'll just end up wanting to pound your head against a brick wall.  (can you tell this frustrates me to no end?!?!)

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