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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 10:00 AM

High Ping and Lag when Gaming

Hi everyone. I've seen this problem on the forums but haven't seen a concrete answer so I figured I'd ask again. 

Anyways, I play videogames on both Xbox One and PC. Recently about a month or two ago I've started seeing major lag. Previously in games I'd see only 9-15 ms ping but now during all hours the minimum I get is 29 and I get ping spikes up to 150+ every few seconds. There are a few hours in the day where I don't get the lag spikes but it's not very consistent. 

I'm trying to play highly competitive tournaments in Rainbow Six seige but those often require connections to eastern US servers (I'm in Seattle) and I can barely connect to the western US ones without lag. I have a feeling that this is connected to all the people on the internet due to Coronavirus. But I don't know why that would affect my ping. My download speed is still very high (Speed tests to my laptop show 250+ even when other people in the house are streaming). I'd appreciate it if anybody could give me a solution or at least tell me what Xfinity is doing on their end. If this doesn't get solved soon I might have to look for an ISP with less traffic and better ping.

Thanks to anyone who helps


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