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Thu, Apr 2, 2020 5:00 PM

High packet loss and latency variations

I've been experiencing high level of packet loss over the past couple weeksl, and with increased work from home orders the amount of dropped packets have escalated.


I had a tech come out and he mentioned that there may be noise at the node and that someone would fix the issue, and gave me a service number to utilize if I'm experiencing issues still.  I recieved a text that the maintenance was completed; however, the internet is still dropping about 10% of packets.   I have attempted to call back to comcast as I was told to do; however I cannot get past the automated system to talk to anyone so I figured I would try here.  Below is my modem signals and an example plot of what my packet loss looks like currently.  


Modem Signals.PNGpacket loss.png


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1 y ago

It appears my pics aren't uploading correctly, maybe I don't have permission yet,


Basically signal is great, power on downstream is between 6.8-8.5

SNR is ~40(dB)

and Power on upload is around 40dBmV


and packet loss is bad,


about 20% of packets are being lost and ping is widely varying from 20ms up to a few hundred ms with an average of 95ms



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