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Sat, May 16, 2020 9:00 AM

High latency and packet loss during the day, drops and normalizes at midnight

My gigabit xfinity sees ~100ms ping to and up to 10-15% packet loss during working hours. At night this gradually reduces till about midnight when packet loss drops entirely and ping goes to <10ms. In the morning it climbs up again.


This is testing with a hardwired ethernet directly plugged into the XFI device. I have gigabit ethernet, and I'm in kirkland, WA (98033).


xfinity chat support have repeatedly tested and rebooted my modem and claim everything is fine. I've asked to escalate as it's clear there is congestion in my neighbourhood and they say they will "forward it on" but when I ask if / when I'll hear back or talk to to the next tier they refuse...


Here is a clear evidence plot from ping plotter over 2 days:



I'm about to ditch xfinity for FiOS unless someone has ideas for how to get this addressed or escalated to someone that can actually help.


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1 y ago

Hi, I wanted to let you know that you are not the only one. I am in Norkirk, Kirkland (98033) and experiencing the same packet loss, and attempting to escalate my case as well, so far with not much success. Between ~8am - 6pm it is at its worst with spiky pings and lots of packet loss. Video calls are a challenge. From 6pm on it is variable depending on the day of the week. Pingplotter has definitely been a huge assist in diagnosing the pattern.


I too am on a Gigabit plan, wired ethernet, straight into the back of a brand new xFi router. Had my coax signals checked a week ago by a tech as well. It screams 'oversubscribed network' to me but what do I know. I plan to keep harassing them until I find someone who can acknowledge the problem.

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