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Thu, Sep 16, 2021 10:13 PM


I also have the SYNC Timing Synchronization failure in my log , a high channel 33 - OFDM PLC # of corrections.

 33 Locked OFDM PLC 159 702.0 2.4 42.5 4022188 0

I am on the 1.2 speed plan , only 1 have I gotten 1.2 speed to my ASUS AXE-11000 router (via router self test) once in the early am out of hundreds of attempts.

The real issue I am having is that I still get drops (periods of no connectivity) on my home network. As I understand it is up to 1.2 speed.

I was going to move the cable modem (brand new) but it is in the kitchen, the drop comes into the basement and it goes into a powered splitter before going to the modem.

However that was needed when we had CATV (~6 tvs) and the cable modem. Now we just use internet (cable modem), so I figure running direct to the modem might solve my issue. But there is an Attenuator and I believe MOCA filter inline (not sure about the MOCA has a red band) "filters" running into the powered splitter. I assume that if I go straight to the modem I will not need a powered amplifier. But I wanted to check, perhaps I will need just an amplifier and not a splitter? Or noting no amp, no MOCA, no attenuator? Or keep just attenuator?

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