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Fri, Sep 10, 2021 9:35 PM


This has also happened to us.  After switching to Xfi router, wifi calling is useless (Android/IOS).  Also. wifi is being managed by Xfinity.  I don't have the ability to change or see anything except devices on my network.  I bought my own router, compatible with Xfinity and got the same results.  I have returned the router.  We had to get a voice line from xfinity so we had a working phone at our home.  No cellular coverage.  Every time I call Xfinity support, they want to replace my router (which they have done 4 times in the past year).  They won't let me speak to a tier 2 engineer.  Unfortunately there are no other internet providers in my area including satellite.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that we all got new cell phones and that did not help either.  Also, cellular coverage is bad for all carriers in my area.  Any recommendations besides moving?

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Hello @user_dbdd22, thanks for reaching out. You've reached the right team to help and we can certainly assist with this connection concern. In order to get started can you please send us a private message to Xfinity Support with your full name and full address by clicking the chat icon in the top right?

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