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Thu, Sep 17, 2020 10:00 PM

Help decipher my event logs and connections

Hello everyone!


So about 3 days ago I noticed our internet was intermittently going in and out.  Started by resetting the modem multiple times, and that would work and then it seemed with each reset the period of inconnectivity would increase.  Sometimes the internet would be good for about 3-4 hours, and then it would start to not work again and every 10-15 even 20 minutes it would be good.  The downstream light is blinking on my CM1200 modem which indicates only one channel is locked so I begin to look into event logs and I find messages like the the picture below.  I continue to read into everything and see my OFDM downstream channels do not lock at all.  Called Xfinity two days ago and they said we were only receiving about 10% power so they boosted the signal which seemed to fix it for awhile indicated by a solid downstream light.  Within 3 hours problems start happening again.  I keep trying to find information to try and decipher these event logs with no avail.  Looking for some help to decipher this and find the issue.  I checked all connections and they are all tight.  My modem is connected directly from the side of my house where to cable comes from the pole on the street.  I am leaning towards the lines being messed up, but not ruling out the modem either.  Thanks in advance for any insight provided.





















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Can't see your pics. Since you are a new poster, they need to be approved by a Forum Admin. That could take some time. In the interim, you could try hosting them at one of those free third-party pic hosting sites like Imgur or Photobucket and post the link to them here.

Or copy all of the text of the status page and paste it into the body of your next post here.

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