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Sun, Feb 23, 2020 7:00 AM


Have 200MB/s Internet Pkg - Actual ~40MB/s

I pay for the 200MB/s internet pkg but Xfinity's own speed test clocks in at around 40MB/s. I upgraded to a 1000MB/s modem and my router is 300/867. What can be done to improve performance?



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2 y ago

Have you looked at the debugging help that is a sticky in the top 10 posts?


What kind of equipment are you using and what is your testing methodology?     What do you mean by 'router is 300/867'?


It's one thing if you're coming at it with a computer that supports 1Gb line speed, using at least a cat 5e network cable, and are wired to your modem/router/wifi combo that also supports 1Gb speed.   It is quite another if you are measuring while on wifi, connecting to your wifi AP with 802.11g speeds (54 Mb/s), and have 30 other devices on wifi as well all competing for bandwidth.


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