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Wed, Jan 13, 2021 3:00 PM

Has Comcast fixed the IP/Port Forward problem yet?

It's finally here.  Where I have to decide to stop using $400 in modem and routers, and exchange it for the Xfi system for $14 a month, or keep them and pay $30 for unlimited....


The ONLY problem is see, besides wasted money, is that you can't assign IPs on your own network.  I need my work computer to remain the same IPs for blacklisting on our work servers (currently working from home).   The same goes for my cell phone and laptop.  In a smaller need, I need my gaming system to have a static IP for port forwarding.


I've looked at threads from 2019, up until today..  I am seeing nothing on why they wouldn't allow it, if they ever will, and/or any workarounds.   This is a major flaw for a system that says it's going to handle everything and make it better.  Seems it's only handling giving out free wifi on my expense, but not giving me any of the feautures I actually need in a router/modem.





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3 m ago

I finally found my fix for the same issue!!!!  I had not touched my port forward settings in over 2 years and port forwarding just stopped working sometime in Jan 2021.  

My existing devices had LAN IP reservations OUTSIDE the DHCP scope, and that was cool until Comcast updated some firmware, then the port forwards and the ability to edit them stopped.

I kept the reservations the way they were, but extended my DHCP scope to have those reserved IPs in the pool.  Saved the new DHCP scope on my router - no reboot reqired.  The Port forwards AND the ability to edit them began working perfectly again.   Hope this helps someone.

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