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Fri, Jul 10, 2020 9:00 AM

Guest network

How do you setup a guest network 





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If you are using a Comcast supplied gateway device, the don't have that feature. CC intends for the additional public WiFi hotspot that is broadcasted is to be used as a guest network.

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This is baffling to me.

Comcast, please look at the number of people trying to create a separate network for their guests not to give away their passwords. This is a very basic feature for a router, and may I remind you that we pay $25/month, ~$300 just to rent that modem, on top of the thousands of dollards spent each year to get Internet access.


No, your xfinity hotspot is not a solution. You can't expect all guests to be xfinity customers, or worse, ask them to buy a pass. Just saying it out loud is incredible to me.


Either open up your xfinity hotspot to all, or add an option to create a guest password.

It makes no sense for me to go buy another router/mesh network just for guests.


The XB6 and XB7 routers were showcased at electronics shows and reviewed by pros. I find it embarassing to limit the device because of so much greed.

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