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Fri, May 22, 2020 3:00 PM

Guest network disabled, but still on?

I disabled the guest network in my xfinity account but I can still see the usual "xfinitywifi" network is active when I run a scan from my phone. It's definitely my device transmitting it. It has the same MAC prefix as my main networks. I haven't tried connecting to it since my neighbors' guest networks are also transmitting and I can't force my phone to connect to this one and this one only.

Why is this network still active even though I explicitly told it not to?



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1 y ago

I noticed the same thing myself today, using the XB6 rental. Identified by sig strength and the MAC. I've had the hotspot disabled for sometime now and I have never noticed that happening before.


Going into my account I enabled the hotspot and after about 10 mins disabled the hotspot again. So far after a few hours the hotspot has remained disabled.

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