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Sat, Dec 12, 2020 2:00 PM

Gigabit Provisioning Issue - can't resolve with phone/chat support



Upgraded to Gigabit, but could never get above the 30 mbps (max speed on old plan). Had Comcast associate come to the house and got it resolved. A few days later speed was back to 30 mbps. 


I've restarted the modem a number of times and in about 50% of the cases gigabit speed is restored. That will last for a few days and then I am back to 30 mbps.


This is not a wireless issue. The issue manifests over wireless as well as ethernet cable straight into the modem.


At this point, I am pretty sure this is a provisioning issue. I am concerned my old 30 mbps profile continues to overwrite the new Gigabit profile. 


Any help will be appreciated.







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6 m ago

More context:

MB8600 modem. 


Configuration file: Status = OK, no information about bootfile in "Comment" section. It's blank. 


Still believe this is related to either and old device that hasn't been removed from the account (upgraded modem when I upgraded to Gigabit) and/or wrong bootfile. Thx

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