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Sat, May 9, 2020 11:00 AM

Gigabit Plan Poor internet upload speed

I've been experiencing issues with poor upload speed, and inability to connect to external servers (i.e. my job, Xbox, and PlayStation) for 2 weeks.  A technician changed outside wiring, but the issues still remain. I've been on the phone with support every day this week still no resolution.  I'm paying 120 bucks for Gigabit speed but I'm receiving no speed.  When testing my hard-wired speed my download speed is 2.8 and upload I get an error.  If anyone can assist me with this issue, I will pay if you can get me up and running.  My husband and I are both IT professionals.  There should not be any comprehension problems.  It's taking everything in me to hold back the tears. Please Help!



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1 y ago

Can confirm I'm having the same problems, all support seems to offer is "reset your modem". 

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