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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 5:00 PM

Gigabit. Lightning

I've had gigabit for close to 2 years. Love it.  I've had problems only twice.  BOTH, apparently for the same reasons?  


About a year ago, we had a lightning storm; it knocked my gigabit halfway down.  A Tech 3, on the phone, was able to fix the issue; I seem to remember an http issue?  After that, service was great again until a little over a month go--we've had Several Lightning/electrical storms.  This time, 2 pieces of equipment attached to the (comcast) gigabit modem/router;  an android box, and a nielsen's tv ratings box.  I have since replaced both. 


However, I have had two tech visits; they replaced the line coming into my apartment;  but, not the last 12 feet to the router/modem.  And, they replaced the router/modem.  That didn't help.  nd, they came back out, replaced the router/modem again, and left.  Again, it did not help. 


I went on my laptop, and seemed to have an http block when trying to post on this forum.  I am using a friends laptop for 24 hours, hardwired to my system, and I am able to post here.  Not sure why my laptop has an http error block, on three different browsers-ff-chr-me.  


Also, on this current router/modem, in the last few days, the bottom two ports on back were giving me 'not connected' messages on all devices--hardwired.  


Tech is coming tomorrow - wednesday/2nd, to probably give me another router/modem...if he replaces the lst 12 feet of coax, and the issue still exists, when it did not eist before, what next? 


I've already had a tech supervisor tell me that the android box was bleeding the signal...LMAO.  Even that supervisors supervisor, thought that was incredible/unbelievable/especially considering I've had the android box attached to my system with zero complaints for as long as I've had the gigabit internet. 











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8 m ago

Electrical storm blew out two pieces of equipment that I had attached to my gigabit (comcasts) modem;  an android box/roku, and a neilsen's tv ratings device.  Both have been replaced and are working properly. 


Note: Previous to the electrical storm, I was getting a signal of 877 on my phone, hardwired laptop was getting 450 or better download, 45up.  I've seen 890 a few times.


Now, the download does not get above 115. 

On my FOURTH Gigabit Modem (latest Comcast Modem). 

I Bought Cat8 Cables.

I Bought New Surge Protectors with Filters.

I've plugged the modem into various outlets around my apartment.

The electrical outlets have been tested by electricians and are working properly.


just tried wifi speedtest:  50download....




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8 m ago

New tech, new modem, same issue.

He tested the new modem, works great, 900 download hardwired.

I tested it in front of him using two laptops - mine, and one from a neighbors home - hardwired not more than 115...


The other day, the supervisor told me I should be getting 450 download and 45 up.  I saw those numbers for a short while but the issue returned.


NOTE - tell me if you think this is sn issue: 

These Two laptops - on Wifi - One connects to my home3, the other to my home4.

Is that an issue?


Any helpful hints, tips?

I bought Cat8 Cables..


Please help - Comcast is giving up....





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8 m ago

I've had gigabit internet for almost 2 years with only two issues. The first was well over a year ago---not sure what happened but my gig went to half speed--a tech3 was able to fix the issue over the phone. 


Between then and now, on my phone, the signal has been a steady 877...


Over the last month and a half we've had some severe lightning/electrical storms which blew out two pices of equipment that I had connect to the comcast gigabit modem;  an android streaming box (mbox), and a Neilen tv ratings box; both have since been replaced and are working fine.


However, since the electrical storms, I have had half of the gig I am paying for, and what signal I do have, fluctuates wildly:  mostly 565 and under. 


It's gotten to the point that I've had trouble surfing the internet, and certainly the streaming I am trying to do--the video quality goes down, skips, stops, buffers....


THREE Tech Visits: replaced the line coming into my apartment--but not the last 12 feet of coax going to the modem(?)---I am now on my FOURTH Gigabit Modem from Comcast - yesterday right in front of the tech I ran a hardwired speedtest to two laptops -- 115max download...


I DID notice that on these two laptops - one is connected to my home3, the other to my home4 wifi(??)  -- the tech say as long as I have internet all is good---but, all is not good because I am paying for gigabit and only getting half of that---and, what's with home 3 and home 4 wifi??




I have bought CAT8 Cables (already using), and just ordered quad shielded coax cable - I will run that line - from the line coming in to my apartment - to a surge protector - to the modem. 

I will post if there is any improvement at all in the signal...


PLEASE HELP...Comcast Supervisor (he told his superior that my mbox/android streamer is the cause of the signal loss/LMAO/even the supervisor agreed with me)...


at a loss...





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