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Fri, Jan 24, 2020 3:00 PM

Gigabit Internet

Hello, I recently upgaded to Gigabit internet. My motherboard on my Computer is Gigabit ready, I just got a CAT7 cable(50ft). I thought my Gateway Modem was Gigabit ready since customer servivce said it was. Turns out the ethernet was only up to 850Mbps and Wifi not even being close. I only need Ethernet Gigabit speeds not Wifi gigabit speeds(if thats even possible). I don't know what to really do. Do I buy a Xfinity certified Gigabit ready Cable modem(off Amazon)? I still need Wifi for the house so could I still use my current Gateway Modem when I plug it into the cable modem? Or do I just get the Cable modem and Buy a Wifi Router?





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1 y ago

@JeffAGM wrote:

Or do I just get the Cable modem and Buy a Wifi Router?

FWIW, that's the way I would go. Ask any cable nerd !!!

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I went through issues to get the Wifi to be Gigabit ready. I use my own modem and router. I get about 950 mbps in wifi near the router. 


I used to have an older router, recommend you do your research to find the router that works for you. You have to place the router in a location for speeds. If you have a large place, you need wifi extender too (I use one).

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