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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 11:00 PM

Getting 1.5Mbs or less upload and 300-500Mbs Down (Our Plan: Unlimited 1Gig down 40Mbs up)

EDIT Final update post resolution: TL;DR There was infact some form of outage in the area. Now on my wifi 6 iphone 11 got Ping 14ms // 630 Mbs download // 41Mbs upload.  Both my partner and I can return to our working from home video call operations.


EDIT Final update full report.

This morning 7:30ish I started to install my old modem CM600 which I know works but is DOCSIS(sp?) 3.0 ... but would allow me to work. When logging into the xfinity web on my phone to start the activation process I was notified a technician started work on my area and about 10 minutes ago (7:42am) and should be done around 9:42 am.I performed a speed test and once again had 300-500Mbs down and 0.45Mbs Up. (You need 7-10Mbs UP to do a complaint encrypted video call).  


Optimistically for an resolution. I returned the modem and router to its original working configurations (state prior to the outage) and took the dogs for a long and chilly walk. When I returned approximatily 9:15 ready to start calling clients to notifiy  of an outage to reschedule, I another speed test on my computer and phone. My old wifi 5 computer got 200-300Mbs down and 37Mbs up. My wifi 6 iphone 11 got 630 Mbs down and 41Mbs up. 


All is back to normal now I can get back to work! 😄


==== Previous Trouble Shooting and Xfinity Suport Response Below==-


ISSUE: "Speed tests across all devices it is around 200-500 Mbs down and is less than 1 Mbs Upload.

To be clear Streaming works (getting 500+ Mbs down), web pages load but anything up takes forever. 

Issue I am not getting usable upload speeds (very bad for a video / tele mental health therapist)


I normally (consistently) on wireless systems constantly get 500-700Mbs Down and  40-41Mbs UP (thank you wifi 6 router); however suddenly it has changed.... now on all my speed tests across all devices it is around 200-500 Mbs down and is less than 1 Mbs Upload.(0.45 on average).


As of 8PM; To be clear Streaming works (getting 500+ Mbs down), web pages load but anything up takes forever. 

I restarted the modem and routers several times and performed all the automated trouble shooting through the support portals. I then was forward to a xfinity support live agent. The conclusion of their system was that :


" Per our trouble shooting system the issue is most likely to be an issue with your Modem or Router as there is no outage present and the modem has been shown to be reset on their side several times (via the automated setup). Please contact your hardware manufacturers for support witht his issue, if they are unable to locate the problem then contact us again and we will send out a technition" Sigh, basicaly saying (you should have went with our xfinity modem router combo and not used higher end comsumer purchased equipment).



=====Reviewing support solutions from asus and netgear I started with the logs, reset the routers, changed. outlets and still no joy.


Per the event log weird things started happening close ot 6pm.

This upload issue appears to have happened around 7:00 pm.


During my videos client session i noticed my quality dropped around the 6pm point but I managed to finished my client video chats at 6:40pm. However tomorrow I have a full case load so I'm very concerned. I contacted Xfinity support and they said it was either my modem or router, but that there were no outages and they restarted the modem already on their end.  I didn't have the above logs at the time. 


Equipment wise:

I have a Netgear CM 1200

Asus ZenWifiAX latest firmware. Backup router is an Asus RT-AC5300. These are high quality routers that have incredible reliability and performance.


I logged into the Netgear Modem and it said it has a good connection and decided to start there. 


Again, Xfinity said that their trouble shooting systems said it was most likely the router or the modem. I believe this to be false, but what the heck might was well trouble shoot. I took the router out of the equation and directly connected my mac to the modem with a wired connection via a thunderbolt ethernet adaptor. 


SpeedTest Reported: Ping 12s // 275.43 Mbs down  // 0.45 Mbs Upload

15 minutes later Next SpeedTest Reported: Ping 12s // 247.51 Mbs Download // 0.65 Upload


These are basically the same (yet slightly slower) resultes I got from the routers attached. 

I noticed something else in the modem event logs. On Wednesays the modem seems to get updates.  


So my next step about to happen is a full factory reset on my modem. 😞 If that doesn't work I will put my old Netgear CM600 into the mix and go through the activation process with it. (sigh). If that still doesn't work I will call comcast for a tech and have to call all my clients and tell them they need to reschedule.


Coincidence I noticed, my verizon LTE is doing the SAME thing. 27-37Mbs Down. 0.45Mbs Up.  Something strange is going on....


EDIT Update: I have moved the modem to another active cable port in the house, same speeds, no change.

EDIT Update: After factory reset new event logs show critical errors with DB excess ranges off (not sure what that means)

Speeds similar to above: Ping 11s // Dowload 363.35 // Upload 0.49


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