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Fri, Dec 13, 2019 11:00 AM

Gateway DMZ <---> WAN isolation?

I was hoping to setup a guest wifi network that is completely isolated from the LAN. I presumed, wrongfully it seems now, that the DMZ feature, offered by the Gateway, would prevent traffic from the DMZ host ever reaching the internal LAN. My tests proove otherwise as I was able to ping computers on my LAN from the DMZ host. I did confirm that DMZ was working as external traffic aimed at the gateway's WAN address reached the DMZ host.


QUESTION: Is this expected?


If it is, then it seems like a dangerous and irresponsible setting for Comcast to offer as others might make the same assumption about network isolation.

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1 y ago

The setting is enabled mostly for troubleshooting purposes, e.g. isolating a problematic connection issue.

Plus you're explicitly warned that this is a security risk. For example:


  • Enabling DMZ (a demilitarized zone) may resolve a device communication issue, but it's a security risk. If a device needs to be accessible to outside sources, we recommend using port forwarding instead. 





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