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Mon, Mar 23, 2020 2:00 PM

Gateway and Xfi Pods stop working after all Gateway reboots

Only been a customer for 4 months.  I rent a gateway and have 6 pods.  After every gateway update (told this happens monthly by tech), the gateway reboots, then comes back online and the internet never comes back and the pods never reconnect.  To get everything working again, I have to unplug the gateway AND all the pods, and then restart the gateway and re-add each pod back to the network.  Mind you this solution took 4 months of me troubleshooting 60 personal devices and talking to 5 different techs (all useless). The first couple of months the issue shows itself by all of sudden internet dropping, turns out the days this happened corresponded directly with gateway updates.  Also, this happens anytime I reboot the gateway, like power outages,calling xfinity tech support.  While working over the phone with techs, they finally say they HAVE to visit and go be me the spiel about the charge.  I agree.  Then when the tech comes out , they replace their coax wire, they give a new gateway (turns out it was a refurbish because it still had devices in memory from 2 months before I had xfinity)  and he looks at the box outside, and then the neighbor hood box (no idea what he did with that box).  Finally he gets in my attic, and tells me a coax splitter I am using is old and so he replaces it.  While I appreciate the new gateway, wire,and couplet, the problem is not fixed, still every time the gateway reboots (for whatever reason, internet never comes back and the pods never reconnect.  To top it off, when he got in the attic, he then dropped his tool from the attic onto my new hardwood floors, creating gashes on the floor.  The tech then puts me in contact with his manager, who sends some people out to repair.  Repair is putty filler, sanding, staining and clear coat.  Great, house is fixed, but gateway problem still not resolved.  Now I see a service charge for $70, I assume for the coax coupler that was replaced.  Now on hold with loyalty because finite Custer service and tech support are utter trash.  When the gateway and pods work, its great, I just have to reinstall every month when they send their stupid update


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