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Fri, May 1, 2020 7:00 PM

Gateway and XFi network hacked

I noticed recently that there were over 100 new Unknown devices !! that were Unconnected, and once in a while, one device would connect. 

1. I changed the WiFi password and the Gateway password.

2. I Paused any connected device (cannot Forget them) and Forgot every other device - this is a painful 1 by 1 process.

3. I do not have the guest wifi network turned on. 

4. I added the MAC addresses of 16 devices that I wish to allow on the network (this is the max allowed number - so I'm not sure what I will do if I need to add any more devices). 


Was my network hacked? I hope that now new devices will not be able to connect. 



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1 y ago

The saga continues! 

I just realized that the Unknown devices that are automatically and continuously getting connected have a Connection Type "Ethernet". So using MAC filtering on the WiFi network does not help. 


What do I do to stop these Unknown devices from popping up on the XFi network? 



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8 m ago

I had a similiar experience about 18 months ago and no one hacked my network nor were they connect via ethernet. Using ur Xfi app on ur smart phone go to each device and scroll to the bottom and choose device details. You should be able to figure out what type of device it is, ie notebook, smarphone, storage device, etc.  Make a note of them.  Strangely, in my instance these were all devices that were connected at one time to our network, but with an old router. I was able to reach a person knowledgable in xfinity networks. I was told that my router remembers each and every device ever connected to the network. My thing was that these devices were all connected to an older router that xfinity replaced. I was taught how to login to my router admin tools with a login and password. I found all the device in there and removed them. They never showed up again. I'm a novice at networks and the tech was a huge help to me. I'm sure there are things that have changed since this occured. But I recommend that you call technical support and insist that you speak to a network specialist on the American side of support and get asking for a supervisor until you get it. Good Luck 

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2 m ago

I am having same thing however I have same modem but getting new one. I will call and ask how to remove these random people. Very annoying. How do I turn off the guest wifi?

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2 m ago

Hi Anon263617!


You may want to post to our Internet / Home Networking forums, as this forum is related to Xfinity Home Security.


To answer your question on the Guest Network, this is referred to as a Home Hotspot.  This feature can be toggles in My Account.  This article can point you in the right direction.


To remove old devices from xFi, first make sure they are offline (disconnected).  

Select the devices from the Not Connected list, click on Device Details and then "Forget this device".  If you have devices connected that you do not recognize, you can pause the devices so that they are blocked from using your network. Once they disconnect, you can remove them.

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