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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 9:00 AM

Frequent Modem Resets Required

I have a motorola modem MB8600 and ubiquiti edgerouter x with 1000 mbps.  Service will be consitent and good during the week and sometimes for multiple weeks without interuption.  Then, for some reason, usually on a Saturday or Sunday, I will have to restart the modem.  All of the moden status likes look good, but there is no connection to internet.  Over the course of this past weekend, I had to restart the modem six times!  Things would work for a few hours and then go down again.  Every time, the modem status lights are good but no connection to internet.  It's as if I'm not getting on Comcat's network they're doing something on there end that requires me to reset my modem.  Everytime, the modem reset works.  Never have had to make a change on the router.  If this only happened once in a while, it wouldn't be a big deal, but it happens almost every weekend and sometimes multiple times.  I thought the problem was solved when recently, we went nearly a month without have to reset.  Sadly, this past weekend was the worst yet.  Resets required during the week are less frequent.


Does anybody have any ideas?


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