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Sat, Sep 19, 2020 9:00 AM

Forward/reverse amplifier

I have been having disconnects while using Zoom or Facetime.  I logged into our XB6 gateway and can see that the upload dbmv signals are above 50dbmv which I think is above the limit.    The down signal levels are about 0dbmv as there is already a 15db  RF Communications CDAL 151 drop amplifer.  I have purchased an Antronix Forward/Reverse amplifer 15 down/10 up to replace the CDAL.  I could not find a CDAL equivalent unit. But I noticed that the power adapter for the Antronix is 18 volts instead of the 12 volts that the CDAL unit uses.   Is the XB6 compatible/ok with the 18 volts level?  Or must I find an amplifer that uses only 12 volts power source?


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