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Fri, Sep 25, 2020 7:00 PM

Fine they want to delete my controversial posts? Controversial to whom?

Well Ill reitereate the same post again and see if they delete this too..

How can a Xfinity think that during a national emergency and pandemic when people need internet because their kids are all on online educations charge for extra data?

Does the public or Xfinity customers understand that FCC and a board of 5 people made a rule that affected over 250 million americans without congressional aproval that allows Xfinity to charge for data when they couldnt before is imoral and cantr be constitutional in a day where access to internet is more impotant than ever and jacking up prices for access is price gouging expecially during a national pandemic when its needed most?

Who overssees the metering of data? The company? Even the power company has to meet the oversight of weights and meters commisions in every state. NOBODY oversees the ISP's.?





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