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Fri, Nov 6, 2020 5:00 PM

Extremely unreliable internet service, please help.

First my setup : 200/200 xfinity service, own modem Arris surfboard SB6183, Archer AC2300 router.

The issue : several hour long outages. 

Frequency : Atleast once on a good day otherwise today it's the 3rd outage started an hour ago and xfinity app says resolution will be at 11:30 PM that's more than 5 hours of downtime.

I regularly check my modem logs there are numerous timeouts throughout the day.

I ah e my router on a daily auto reboot schedule.

For context,I live in an small apartment community. I am working from home as most people and my children are elearning at home.

The problem started in october and after repeated pleas for escalation and finally when i called to cancel my service the issue was resolved magically with no explanation. 
it has started this week, I asked around and my neighbor has the same issue with xfinity, other neighbors have switched to ATT, I am hesitant to switch as only xfnity has the high speed service.

It is so bad that I am using my mobile hotspot for my work and got verizon hotspots for my children.

I am posting here as a last resort before I finally leave xfinity for good.

Can some xfinity employee or any knowledgeable member please help me?






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