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Sun, Oct 11, 2020 6:00 PM

Extreme speeds capped to 32-33mb/s since COVID started

Since Xfinity suspended internet data caps around March 2020, I've experienced speeds of 31-32mb/sec capped data download speeds.  I have Extreme(250-300mb/s) and live in a apt building in downtown Memphis.  Once a month, i'll see 280-320mb/s , but after a day it drops back to the 32-33mb/s capped speed.  I've contacted customer service and they were no help at all. I've noticed around the day my bill is sent to my email, my speeds return, then it drops back to 32 mb/s the next day. I've used Xfinity for years and never had internet speed issues until COVID. 


Has anyone else experienced 32-33mb/s speed with Extreme?  If so, did you figure out the problem? 




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5 m ago

My capped 32mb/s is back after i had my computer off and modem and router unplugged while traveling for Thanksgiving. The problem magically went away after i posted the above post without making any hardware/software changes. 


It seems to happen when we go back into lockdown.

I checked all modem power and SNR values and everything looks good...according to youtube tutorals. 

Anyone else noticed a capped 32mb/s since the holidays? 








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5 m ago

I've had slowdowns off and on the whole year on my gigabit line and some things seem capped but others do not. Steam game downloads have been capped between 30-50 MB/s for most of the year. That could be other factors though since other game services can hit up to 60-80 MB/s.


This month I've had 3 slowdowns. Yesterday I could get no more than 42 MB/s on Steam downloads with the average being 33 MB/s. For the past 8 hours its been at no more than 15 MB/s download. Latest test topped at 147 Mb/s or 14.7 MB/s. From looking at test logs another mega slowdown was back at the end of June.


Uploads have stayed at their normal 40 Mb/s.

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