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Sun, Apr 19, 2020 10:00 PM

Extreme Routing issues not allowing me to play any multiplayer game. Constant Ping Fluctuation!

My ping which is normally low and stable on the game servers I connect to, is wildly fluctuatng from low 20ms to 200-400ms from one second to the next. Doesnt matter what game I try to play, this happens on all games. I have ruled out hardware issues. Ive used 5 different modem/routers including gateway xb6. When I tracecert to a few different ips, I notice most hops are stable low ping, but a few are jumpin up to the hundreds. Is there a tech savy savior who can maybe help me fix my issues? I can provide any logs if needed, with a little guidance.


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1 y ago

I have been having the same issue for days. Having major packet loss in my routing today especially. I can't even connect to some services.


Did you resolve your issues by chance? If so, what did you find out?

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