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Sat, May 2, 2020 8:00 AM

Ethernet blazing fast; WiFi painfully slow

Tried everything, as did an xfinity tech onsite. I’m a 1G customer and am getting what I pay for over Ethernet. WiFi on the other hand is painfully slow, almost unusable. (I’m writing this post over cellular, as an example because it will not likely upload over WiFi.)

Tech was here and tried EVERYTHING he could imagine to solve the problem of me getting >8-900Mbps over Ethernet, but <20 Mbps over WiFi. These efforts included:

1. Swapping out modem 3 times
2. Moving modem from basement utility room to center if the house - running a long coax from the feed to the house
3. Running the speed test while standing immediately next to the router
4. Running a new line from the service box to my house
5. Replacing all wires into and out of the modem
6. Rebooting dozens of times

Anyone have ideas???


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