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Wed, Dec 16, 2020 1:00 PM

Esicoo Smart Plug Connection

Hi. I just Bought 8 Esicoo WiFi Smart Plugs. I am having trtouble Connecting then to my home network. I know they compatable with 2.4 G and my Wifi Modem is 5.0 can and how do I change the settings I've tried going through the settings but there is no where to be found a setting for either? I also understand that it manages this automaticly, can anyone help or did I just waste $35.00 





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6 m ago

The two WiFi bands have recently been combined into one with the Comcast gateway devices. 

If you are not using any Xfi Pods, you can try separating the 2.4 and the 5.0 bands and give them two different broadcast names / SSID's;

Associate the devices with the 2.4 band's SSID (broadcast name) and password.


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