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Sun, Aug 1, 2021 4:02 AM

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My router has been disconnecting for past couple months to point that I think the service provider is doing this on purpose. Who else has the power to disconnect internet remotely that has full access to the modem. There is nothing wrong with cables, not outages, not other connect to the cable. And whenever I speak with an agent there solution is to upgrade service for a better higher speed connection. The last internet service provider I had was centurylink and I was paying unlimited internet services for $70 with a higher Speed and I have never had  issues of modem being offline. 

Thank you Comcast for all the service you provide us! Your Xfinity hotspot  is the best service of you expensive package and it Nevermind disconnect even on my own house. While my own modem is offline thanks to the neighbors.  😡😡


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