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Last week (6/9/21), we spoke to a supervisor, Melissa, about why our application is not approved on the Xfinity side. She stated that she would call us back today (6/14) with a resolution and denote why the application had been rejected (ticket #101146053). She stated that she entered all the possible codes to our account and that this time we would get approved, email would come over the weekend. Of course, the email never arrived and we have yet to hear from her today. We have been at this since 5/19/21 without any resolution from Xfinity. 5 denials and counting. If you are having the same challenges, this forum is of no use to you because nothing will get resolved. Why does the customer service rep./supervisor escalate our case and gives us a number (twice) to then ask us when we call back what is the problem? Are these case # phony and everyone we talk to just keep kicking the can down the road? We really wonder the point of this process. This program was approved last Dec. by the FCC and your company has no explanation how to resolve this matter. Please do not DM me to call Internet Essentials because this department has done absolutely nothing to assist us but is very effective at deflecting and offering false narrative about our account status. 

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You already have a account? , what I understand, it’s for people that don’t have internet, so if you already have internet with Comcast you wouldn’t qualify, from what I understand, you can’t downgrade to the internet essentials program

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