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Tue, Dec 22, 2020 8:00 AM

DPC3941T out of box less than hour, MoCA won't stay disabled

Just got rid of an ARRIS because the MoCA wouldn't stay disabled. Was given a brand new DPC 3941T as a replacement, have had it set up a little less than an hour, MoCA was disabled by default


Because I'm in an older apartment building, MoCA enabled makes my internet traffic mix together with my neighbor's.  For example, I can see all their internet enabled devices on my home network and even track their usage (they used a quarter of my internet on Sunday so I froze all their equipment).


Also, if I logged directly into the Arris, about half the time, it logged me into their gateway instead of my own. Additionally, when I tried to use my own wifi on my work laptop, it would tell me I hadn't paid my bill and couldn't use the internet even though I'm current. Other issues including constantly booting me from my work VPN (and I have to use a very kind neighbor's free & open xfinity connection because I can't even use my own). It also throws me off my own home network causing all sorts of errors and problems.


I tried installing my own my own MoCA filter and lost all service in my apartment. I NEED this for work and am really frustrated that deadbeat neighbors can use and affect my internet no matter what I do. 


How can I make the MoCA stay disabled. On the last box, it was disabled for a year and no problems. Then a month ago, it somehow got mixed up and MoCA has been on causing all these issues. A year ago, I got that old box as a replacement for the same problem and MoCA stayed disabled for that whole time. Any help would be great, I am at my wits end here as this is affecting both my work and free time.


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