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Wed, Dec 30, 2020 9:00 AM

Download speeds limited access to my server to 1.1MibS

Is anyone having problems with downloading from their places of work? I have a server I have to access and comcast is limited my download speeds it seems when I FTP in and try to download the backup files I am reponsible for working from home. 


I get 1.1Mibs download speeds max when I FTP in or if I download them from Cpanel file manager.


Has anyone had problems, and how do you get it corrected? 


I did not have problems until Dec 10, 2020 - It worked fine before then, I have had the server management check everything on the server and it is setup correctly, and speeds are on all tested. 


PING tests are normal


TraceRoute is within limits.


I turned off the xFI advanced security to test that as well.


Any help is greatly needed.


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