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Wed, Nov 18, 2020 11:00 AM

download speeds and extenders for the household

What is my download speed?  Where can I find it on the Xfintiy platform?  I bought some extenders from the comcast store and they don't seem to help the connectivity throughtout the home.





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6 m ago

If you're asking about your subscribed speed tier, you can see it under My Account using the Xfinity App or online at https://customer.xfinity.com or https://internet.xfinity.com. 


If you're interested in what your actual download speed is, you can run a speed test at https://speedtest.xfinity.com or better yet, download the OOKLA Speedtest app at https://www.speedtest.net


As for the xFi Pods, what issues are you experiencing? Note that the pods work best in a "star" configuration where your gateway is in the center and the pods are located around it like the points on a star or spokes on a wheel. 



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