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Fri, Jun 12, 2020 10:00 AM


I have been going back and forth with customer service @ComcastChe and a few others at the corporate office. @ComcastChe has been wonderful and has done everything she can! We might need someone willing to go the extra mile at Corp. I had my original call with the virtual tech (due to COVID) and it was determined that someone needed to come and do an (OUTSIDE) check. Well, they never showed up and then lied about their visit.  I was sitting near my backyard all day waiting. Plus to put the icing on the cake my CS rep was aware of my appointment and was waiting for data to be passed on from this appointment. We all waited....

So guess what second round of getting someone to fix this..Yup you guessed it another virtual call and then they determined again they need to not only come out but based on the circumstance asked if it would be OK to come inside the home (COVID), and of course, I said I wouldn't mind

So here we are on the 2nd "Virtual Call" I talked to this guy that was SUPER helpful beyond what I already knew. He said in his 15 years being an installer he has dealt with odd cases like this. It has been anywhere from the following

- Not a properly balanced Amplifier at the tap (line tech)
- Poor compression fittings 
- RG6 center pin touching a sleeve
- He did notice things that you saw as well. What was strange for him was when he ran the test he noticed it was perfect for one second, and that low another time. 
- He was showing ICFR upstream issues and then would see it showing 124 across the board which in his mind was perfect
- He stated what helps is doing an RPM and the tech would have to contact his supervisor for that
- Node Z was showing 0.00 but then would change

He finally said that what I needed was a tech that wasn't lazy (simple terms). Honestly, this person I talked to was amazing! He spent a little over an hour with me. He even called me back about 1hr after my scheduled appointment times to see how it went. We had a really good report and respected and appreciated the fact I really did my diligence. I told him what the installer did by just replacing the AMP with the same model I had and link his issues to the influx. When I said he wouldn't show me any of the readings he was getting and refused to go to the tap! He didn't want to do the work and get out of there because that all takes time. He basically said based on the specific issues I was having there is no way you can be in and out within 40 minutes. Even when he replaced the amp he basically just threw my old one in the insulation in the attic. He didn't even bring a ladder and I supplied it. In case anyone of you non-technical people is wondering this was not a zero loss amplifier issue. A modem or cable box connected right to the side of the house produced the same issues. He was just looking for an easy out.

In a nutshell, it was like I was taking up his time to get him. When he went out to the truck to get the amp I seen him out there for 15 minutes just texting/laughing and having a smoke. Listen I'm not any good boy but I at least require some professionalism. Last time I had Comcast out for an extended period of time (line techs) I bought them all pizzas and soda. I appreciate hard work and due diligence. Like what you're doing!!!

So now as you guessed it back with my CS rep helping me setup yet ANOTHER virtual assistant to be only told the same thing. Tech will come out to fix. So now I have to explain everything all over again because the virtual tech doesn't read their notes.

This has been going on for months and no closer to where I was day one. Someone needs to address this or I pulling the plug on everything Phone, TV, Internet, Mobile....

I believe I have been extremely patient during this process. Some quotes below


Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately, I will need to schedule through the virtual tc and agent again as we are not yet ale to bypass this process due to measures set in place for COVID-19. I will be sure to properly document the account and ticket so they are aware of what's going on.
I sincerely appreciate your patience. We've had a really high volume recently. I had the chance to review your last message. I'm so sorry for the experience you had with the tech. I'd like to apologize on his behalf, and I'm sure I can speak for the rest of us here when I say that isn't the way we want our customers to feel. We value respect and appreciate your time, as you do ours. I'll be sure to work with my leadership regarding your feedback.
I'm happy the agent you spoke with over the phone was able to see the same thing. I also notice the levels jumping back and forth at times. I don't mind scheduling a phone call with you. It may be more helpful, so I could gather more details to support the urgency of needing a tech who can complete the necessary work.
Thanks for letting me know, John. I'm sorry you're having such a bad experience. I would like to investigate more and see if I can find a contact in your area that will help me get down to the bottom of this. I may have to do some basic troubleshooting that would cause the modem to reboot. I know today is the holiday, so I wanted to get permission first. Would now be a good time for me to begin? Or would you prefer that I wait a little later in the evening?



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