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Does S33 work on comcast?

I purchased an Arris S33 modem from Amazon. I connected it and got a blue light but when I used the activation on the app, it would fail almost immediately and tell me to chat with support. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with support and they weren't able to resolve it. They said they would call back but never did. I called Arris support and they couldn't solve it either so said it was probably the modem and i should return it. I then went to best buy and bought another S33. This time the activation didn't fail immediately but after 10 minutes said it couldn't find my modem. I tried a few more times moving upstream on coax connections until I got to the coax coming directly into the house. Still couldn't find the modem. How am I supposed to get this modem to work?

2 months ago

Semm like the first modem problem was defected.. Did you purchased it used or refurbished, only way it prevents you from activating since previous owner forgot to remove it happened to me on an sb8200

secondly the blue light indicates 3.1 is activated, can you login into arris surfboard login admin and password is either password or last 8 digits of serial # once your get there and register once activated give the hfc Mac to the rep they should activate and finish the rest for you if you don't see an online globe after an modem restart return the modem or exchange at best buy also make sure to connect via eternet wire since s33 doesn't have wifi

If all doesn't work last resort is get a toothpick and backside of the modem is an reset port stick and hold for 15 seconds to hard reset.. Hope this help don't go through what I did.. 

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2 months ago

I'm having this same issue right now with a brand new S33 failing to be located during the app activation. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with xfinity last night, and they were unable to "see" the modem as well and were convinced I was giving them the wrong MAC. They entered a ticket for something "back of house" to "add the MAC to the system" so that I could activate it, and they indicated this would take 12-24 hours. It's been over 24 hours, I still cannot activate the modem, and I owe xfinity a follow up call. I'll try a modem reset before calling them just for fun.

I logged into the modem hoping there was a fluke with the sticker not matching the MAC, but the internal web portal shows the same MAC as the sticker. 

No it shouldn't take 12-24 hours activation only take 20 minutes or less... between s33 is an good modem see an big increase

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I spent another hour on the phone with support today. The person I worked with today indicated the reason it wasn’t working was my account was tied to the Xfinity Xfi gateway I was trying to replace. That had to be removed from my account for the S33 to work.

Whether that was the cause or not, I had everything up and running by the end of the call.

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2 months ago

Hello @user_132a97, thanks for reaching out for help with your modem. 

As long as the device is showing up on https://www.xfinity.com/support/devices/, it should be compatible with our network. If you follow that link, enter your address, then select your speed tier, you can see all the devices that we have tested and approved to work with our services. 

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