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Fri, Oct 23, 2020 9:00 AM

Does Comcast throttle bandwidth?

I recently changed my online backup provider. In doing so, I’m backing up 3tb of data.I started the backup last Saturday. I noticed yesterday my download speed has dropped from the 1gig to 100. No affect on upload speed. At the moment, I am 90% complete on the backup. Is this normal behavior? Not complaining, just asking.


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10 m ago

I have the same feeling as you.  For me my uploads are reduced to 11Mbps when my uploads to google photos and other items can get as high as 40Mbps.



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2 m ago

Yes I get similar experience and it has to be due to throttling.  Just had a tech out here and he tried to make it seem like it was the wireless devices that were causing the problem, not the comcast device.  So I connected directly to the comcast modem via RJ45 cable and could get only 1/2 of the speed that I'm paying for.  No wireless involved, just 100 mbps when I should be getting 200.  It goes down from there periodically and then comes up to 200 mbps at times, especially if there is a technician involved.  Hmmmmm....


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2 m ago

Don’t throttle me,




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2 m ago


Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue. Thanks.  9-month-old dead thread now being closed.......

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