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Sun, Jun 21, 2020 8:00 AM

Do comcast routers have emergency power?

I have a AR SVG2482AC that I bought (not leased from Comcast). Reently, we have been having a lot of black outs in the neighborhood. I want to buy a battery pack for the modem so that I can still do my WFH. But am wondering if Comcast equipments are connected to city power or have their own power backup during emergencies? don't want to pay for battery if comcast rounter is going to be out of commision. Anyone out there knows the answer? thanks 



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1 y ago

In most areas, the Comcast equipment should have it's own backup. It also depends on how widespread an outage is.

Also, if you are talking about a battery for the modem itself, and it also handles your phone, then that battery typically only powers enough to run the phone. You are better off getting a regular UPS to power the modem/router or gateway. Even if you don't have regular power issues, it's still a good thing to have to prevent problems during brief issues.

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