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Thu, Sep 23, 2021 8:36 AM

Disconnect issues

For about the past 2 months my Wifi has continuously shut itself off/reset during the evening to night time hours. When it does this it will reset the username and passwords I have set for my 2.4 and 5 wifi signals. Some nights it will do it multiple times in a row making the use of wifi impossible. I’ve tried troubleshooting through xfinity, restarting my modem/router, unplugging everything, but nothing seems to fix it. 


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1 m ago

Hello @user_d99e4c, and thank you for sharing your experience here on the Xfinity Help & Support Forum. I'm sorry for inconvenience this may be causing and understand how frustrating this has to be. I'd be happy to troubleshoot and find a fix for your connectivity issues. I've had the chance to review your direct message and will be awaiting your response. Chat with you soon! 




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1 m ago

@user_d99e4c @XfinityChe 

Please post any possible solutions for the issue here in the open forums so that all readers here may benefit from the exchange / info. This is in keeping with the spirit for which these public help forums were originally intended. Thank you.

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