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Devices that aren't mine connected to my Gateway network

Just received several notices that 4 different devices that I don't recognize/don't own connected to my network via wired connection to my Gateway. This should be impossible, as I live alone and have jealously guarded my wi-fi password.

The offending devices show up as follows:

Apple Device


Technicolor TX061AEI

I've seen online that the Technicolor device is probably another xfinity gateway device, but that begs the question; why is it connecting to *my* gateway? Is it subsequently connecting someone else's network devices to my network when it connects like this?

I paused all the devices for 2 hours (max allowed via the app) and changed the wifi password, but unpausing one as a test let it reconnect without issue.

What's going on and how do I boot these devices from my network? (xfinity app only lets you remove disconnected devices, and somehow I can't forcibly disconnect these)

If an actual xfinity employee contacts me I can DM them the MAC and IP addresses of the devices I'm seeing. 

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8 months ago


I was using a D-Link Av2 2000 to connect my modem from my living room to the pc in a bedroom via the wiring in the walls of the apartment when those devices connected and my internet became *very* spotty.

After disconnecting the D-Link Av2 2000 and running ethernet cables from the modem to a hub to my pc, the devices all vanished and internet speeds were restored. 

My hypothesis is that someone in the apartment building I reside in also hooked up a wall-wiring-using device like my D-Link, and it automatically connected them to my gateway since it was connected via the D-Link setup. This likely overloaded the wiring in the apartment (which is fairly old) and tanked the internet connection while showing the other devices as being connected.

After setting up the modem-hub-pc line ugly and inconvenient to the pathway of my apartment) the devices are no longer connected and my internet speeds are back to normal; which reinforces my earlier hypothesis. 

No action from xFinity needed, and they can close the thread when they want. 

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