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Sun, Jul 5, 2020 11:00 AM

Device Limit of 20 in today's world of connected devices is an issue

With just Nest devices (smoke alarms, thermostats and cameras), we have 15 devices.  We have 3 computers, 2-Iphones, 2-Ipads and two tv's (via wifi, the rest are on cable boxes) and we are over our limit.  There are days I can't get a TV to connect without shutting something down.  I don't think this is a crazy amount of devices for a household with new technology.  Wouldn't it be reasonable to increase the limit to at least 30?  Devices like thermostats don't take a lot of bandwidth (we have 5 because of AC/heat and 3 zones)... but they all take a slot.  Any way to get an increase in number of devices?  I have 1000MB service but can't connect all my devices.


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