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Wednesday, May 24th, 2023 2:12 PM

Detailed Data Usage

 Hello.   My usage shot up this month to where all 1.2 Tb have been used.   There has been no change in our internet usage pattern so I would like to view the internet usage per device to narrow down where the data is being used up. The monthly summary does not provide enough info.     Thank you for the help.


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16 days ago

Stats per device was taken out of the firmware quite a while ago.  They say they don't have the information due to "privacy concerns".

Perhaps that's true and they really don't.  A 3rd party supposedly reports the data usage.  Some have reported you "May" be able to get a breakdown by day, or perhaps that's just a level one rep making up numbers.  I still don't think that would be much use to you.  It won't tell you which device(s) are the data pig(s).

If you want detail on individual device usage, you'd have to pass all of data, including WiFi through something else that does have the capability.  I'd suggest a dedicated firewall or firewall appliance.  That will give you traffic shaping/throttling capability too so you can actually identify and do something about data pigs. 

Remember, any coax/MoCA cable connect box will bypass your firewall, so I'd avoid using one unless it can connect to an access point or Ethernet port behind the firewall so you can record data used, and don't use the WiFi on the gateway itself.   I find streaming devices to be much more useful, and there is nothing of value in their cable lineup that I can't get somewhere else.

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14 days ago

@rodriguezj Thank you for reaching out here on our Xfinity Forums regarding your data usage! I would be concerned if I saw a jump in my data usage too. To get information about the details of your data usage, you can reach out to our Customer Security Assurance team who has all the tools necessary to investigate the data increase. 

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14 days ago

Having same problem, increased usage, no apparent reason, no explanation I can find. Looking forward to a useful reply from Xfinity (I clicked on "Customer Security Assurance" and got a 'Bad Request' error).


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@srubio Hello. Sorry to hear you are also having issues. Can you create your own post detailing your concerns, so we can assist? 

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