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Mon, May 11, 2020 9:00 AM

Customer owned T25 modem question

HI  !

I connected a new T25 Surfboard modem over the weekend -  Everything in our network is connected, 4 of us are working/schooling from home - everyrhing is working fine.  however  our  Account  device status page shows Not connected / issues   and phone support is also saying same. 

When I was on the phone with support - I had a direct Coax from the wall into the modem, and direct ethernet to my laptop. 

Everything is working 100% -- but Comcast is not seeing that. 

Does it matter ? 
Any tips?  



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1 y ago

Anyone? Why does Comcast report it can't see my modem? Phone support says they can't activate it - showwing errors on their side. But everything is working fine from my side. 

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