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Mon, Nov 9, 2020 8:00 PM

Constant Zoom/Facetime/VPN Drops on new xFi Gen 3 Gateway

I've been using an Xfinity Gateway data/voice gateway (Arris TG1682G) for several years and it has been rock solid.  Typically 250-450Mbps down and solid connections even when multiple people in the house are on video calls for work or school at the same time.  I run the Gateway in Bridge mode using a Netgear Orbi mesh systems for WiFi and I've never had a single issue using any Wifi device.

I got notice that we could increase our internet speeds with a new Gateway, so last week Xfinity sent me a new xFi Gen 3 gateway and I installed it Friday (11/6).  The set-up was painless, and I immediately saw a ~20% speed boost in download speeds.

However, we noticed an immediate change; our regular FaceTime calls to family and friends were all failing and we started receiving messages in FaceTime about poor or unstable internet connections. Then today, my daughter couldn't maintain a connection to her school via Zoom for more than 5 minutes without being dropped, my wife kept getting disconnected from her work VPN and I was dropped over and over again while on Zoom or Google Meet.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with support trouble-shooting and everything checked out fine, all they could suggest was that we stop having video calls at the same time (impossible) or that I remove devices from my network (impractical).   I said that everything worked perfectly with the old Gateway, and insisted that we simply reactivate it so that I could go back to the solid connection it provided.

I thought the new speeds provided by the new Gateway were great, but they really don't matter if we are going to be disconnected from what we need to do.

Anybody experience the same and have any thoughts or suggestions?





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6 m ago

Back on old Arris Gateway this morning... no Zoom/VPN drops at all.

Still wondering why new Gateway doesn't work as well.

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