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Mon, Jan 24, 2022 8:56 AM

Constant TX jitter, spikes to over 300ms during all times of day.

I've done extensive testing of the ping jitter, and isolated it beyond my equipment. I am getting anywhere from 1-30ms round trip ping from my access point or router, but when I track my ping beyond my router, it has consistent spikes of ping up into the 130ms range. 


This makes games unplayable.


On top of that, I have occasional disconnects where the connection lags like crazy for a minute every hour or so (sometimes more often, sometimes less). This only happens on upstream, as I can see that the UDP packets are reaching my computer, yet the packets leaving my computer are being dropped (no control over what's happening in game).

ive had 3 techs and 2 line crews come and either state there is nothing wrong. Or that they fixed it. 

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4 m ago

Hi @user_797139. Not having a stable internet connection when playing games, can be so frustration! We can take a closer look at the internet signal, to see if there are any issues. Please send us a private message with your full name and full service address.




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4 m ago

@user_797139 Here's how.................................

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