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Fri, Dec 18, 2020 8:00 AM

constant re-registration

For the past few months, xfinity has required me to re-register my modem every two weeks.  This is a new phenomena.  It is very annoying as it always happens early in the morning when I am trying to read the news and check my email.  The really annoying thing is that once I follow the procedure xfinity requires to register, It takes 10 minutes for the registraion to take effect.  I don't understand why it takes so long.  In this age of fast connections and almost instant logins, having to wait 10 minutes is completely unsatisfactory.  Can someone please explain why I am constantly being un-registered?  As I mentioned, this problem is recent.  I have been an xfinity subscriber for many years without this problem





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6 m ago

Try calling 1-800-comcast and ask a rep to completely remove the modem from your account and to "re-provision" it from scratch. Also ask them to confirm that the provisioning and account data in their database is correct and complete.

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