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Thu, Jun 11, 2020 4:00 PM

Constant packet loss - support refuses to acknowledge

I have been suffering from heavy packet loss during work hours (around 9am - 6pm).  All my colleagues comment that I freeze during video conference meetings.  I have spoken to online tech support multiple times and they seem to refuse to acknowledge this issue exists.  At the recommendation of online support I have replaced the switches in my home, the cabling, my router and my cable modem (from a Motorola MB8600 which apparently was fine to a Netgear CM1200).  I have been continously checking the SNR and power levels on my cable modem and using pingplotter to see where the packet loss happens.  I'm convinced it's outside my home, but I can not 1) get a technician to come or 2) get comcast to even acknowledge that there is a problem.  Please help.  See below my most recent communication with tech support.




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