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Fri, Mar 27, 2020 6:00 PM

Constant packet loss from modem

Hi there,

My problem: I am getting constant packet loss from my comcast connection. This makes gaming and streaming video very frustrating. I rubberband in video games constantly and I drop video constantly when I am trying to stream video on Twitch.


I have plugged my laptop directly into my modem and run a PingPlotter test to see where I'm running into issues. Below are the results:


This is directly into the modem, which is connected directly to the coaxial cable coming through my wall from outside: https://imgur.com/rO9qcHQ


This is after i tried a factory reboot of the modem: https://imgur.com/WCNQj9H


I talked to a comcast support tech who told me that it was a fault with my modem, which makes no sense to me. The modem is a Netgear CM500, it's on the approved list of Xfinity supported routers. This is the only modem I've ever had at this address, and it's also always had this latency issue since I installed it, brand new.


Can anyone help me track this down and figure out where the fault is actually coming from?


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1 y ago

I just bought and installed a new modem, and the problem is the exact same.


Really sick and tired of Comcast representatives telling me this is a problem with my cable modem when it's obviously a problem on their end.


Is there any possible way of getting this issue elevated to someone higher up who knows what they're doing?


My wife has to work from home right now and her coworkers are constantly complaining that her video chat and audio is cutting in and out. Every single call. It is very difficult for her to work like this.

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