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Wed, Dec 1, 2021 11:50 PM

Constant Internet Dropping over last year and a half...

Wondering if someone can help me figure out why our internet drops out so much.  Started happening about 18 months ago. No changes made to lines. I've called in multiple times and usually within a few hours the issue resolves itself, but it seems to be happening twice a week now. No one ever can figure out what the problem is.  Techs have been out and inspected the lines and said everything is fine.  I've replaced the modem once in case the modem had an issue but that has not helped.  I'm at the point now where I'm considering switching to another ISP over this.  Calling support does not help, and I have to go through all the basic trouble shooting steps with them even though I already try before calling.  Very occasionally the call will get "escalated" but I still have no idea if that helps or not, what's going on, and why it continues to happen.

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