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Sun, May 3, 2020 1:00 PM

Connectivity issues

I already tried to contact Comcast but without success...
I keep having connectivity issues. This is what I observed:
- when the problem occurs, we have it on around 2/3 of our devices at home (eg 3 different windows 10 laptop, 2 iPhones, but at the same time the Mac keeps working, as well as a chrome book)
- on my windows 10 device, it shows that there is a dns issue (but I know internet is working because my work unified communication remains connected and I can have calls over internet at the same time - only browsing, email access etc stop working)
- I’m pretty convinced that there is a link with parent filtering (I tried to make full reset, disabled everything on the modem and Problems disappeared for maybe 3 weeks until we put it back. At first it was ok but then problems happened again)
- when the problem happens and I reboot the modem, sometimes it fixes it; sometimes it fixes for 2 minutes but then stops working... I couldn’t figure one way to fix 100% of the time.
- sometimes it lasts 10 minutes, sometimes over one hour. But always comes back to normal (without specific action at this time)
- strangely, it tends to happen everyday at the same time
- I trie to play with the filtering features (pause/unpause devices) but couldn’t come to the conclusion there was a link.
- the devices that are impacted are not all in the same groups and don’t have the same filtering in place

If anyone has any idea, that would be really welcome.
I’m working from home and it looks like I need to chose between working or controlling what my children do (as they are all at home with the pandemic) - but l’m not even sure of the link...



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