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Fri, Oct 16, 2020 10:00 AM

Connectivity issues with AWS Ireland Server- Xbox


I have had Xfinity internet over a year now and love to play one of my favorite games, elite dangerous, on my Xbox. It was worked great, up until about two weeks ago when I started crashing like crazy, to the point I am unable to play the game at all. I have contacted the maker of the game, and while they are having issues, I have found I am able to play with minimal issues when not on my home network.

In doing more research, I came across an article from April of this year detailing a similar issue. There was no real resolution, so I thought I would try to draw attention to it again. Is there anything anyone has found out to remedy this situation? Should I put in a support call with xfinity? Just not sure how to continue and I’d really like to play my game.


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