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Thu, Feb 18, 2021 9:00 AM

Connection Speed Conundrum

Hi all-

Just wanted to see if anyone had any ideas regarding some long-standing speed issues. Last year I upgraded my plan to 600mbps, but I never was able to get anywhere near those speeds, averaging somewhere near 150mbps. At the time I was using my own modem, ARRIS SURFboard SB8200. After several calls into Comcast and them coming out multiple times to check lines, I still wasnt able to get anything near 600bps. I decided then to try switching out the modem to the Comcast provided one, the xFi modem, since I read on some forums that there has been issues with the signal strength needed for the Arris modem. 


Switching to the Comcast modem seemingly worked on all of my devices....for two weeks. After two weeks of great speeds, it dropped back down to around the 150mbps range. So once again they sent out a tech. They switched out the modem, replacing it with the same xFi model. After testing the Comcast tech showed that on his device (connected via wifi) was getting close to the 600mbps range. However, on all my home devices, I am not getting the same. 


My laptop, which is hardwired to modem, gets only 150 range. Now I do want to note that this device is behind a VPN, however it was not having problems getting the 600mbps range when I first switched out the modem. Both my cell and another laptop (no VPN) connected via wifi only get the 300 mbps range. That is sitting directly in front of the modem. But again these devices were not having trouble getting near 600mbps weeks prior.


So now I am stuck. Is it possible all 3 of my devices are having the same, or similar problem? Any idea why service speed would work quite well and then suddenly drop and stay there? Appreciate any insight or ideas. 


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